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Introducing...The Personal Accountability Code







 The latest Amazon best-seller from Di Worrall


Based on the NEW Science of "Accountable"

  Goal Achievement  


    The #1 Choice of Coaches and Achievers


How to Re-Design Your Approach to Self-Improvement and Self-Mastery for Success in Every Area of Life


For GOAL ACHIEVERS and COACHES everywhere!


Have you ever felt the frustration and heartbreak of seeing your good intentions (or your client’s intentions) go down the drain? If you have, you know all too well that even the most careful planning, effort, determination and willpower can fail us. 

Why is it that so many of us can be so energized by personal resolutions and goals one minute only to lose our focus the next … and stop short of going the distance in achieving what we set out to do?

The funny thing is, if you and I met up for the first time, we could probably have a fairly intelligent conversation around goal setting just from our general knowledge. It’s pretty familiar to a lot of people.

But the reality is there is a big disconnect between what we’ve been taught is good goal setting and what actually works.


At a very basic level, I believe the traditional approach for

staying accountable to goals is BROKEN


My name is Di Worrall, and in my various roles as senior executive, consultant, executive coach, and best-selling author, I’ve witnessed firsthand just how destructive poor habits in accountability and goal achievement can be. In business poor practices cut a swathe of destruction through teamwork, culture, collaboration, information sharing and ultimately profits. But even more alarming is how poor habits in goal achievement can dash our personal hopes, dreams and happiness.What doesn’t help your goal achieving efforts is that your brain is naturally wired to register change as potential danger. So your subconscious does everything it can to keep you safe by maintaining the status quo. It’s no wonder that striving for lasting change can push your reserves of willpower to the limit and cause you to abandon your intentions to stay accountable to your dreams.

What we’ve come to know as goal setting just doesn’t fit with the distractions and complications of our modern lifestyle, values and priorities. Traditional methods don’t account for how our brain is wired to respond to change,  and most goal setting and accountability tools are designed as cookie cutters;  One-size-fits-all solutions that don’t recognize that we each have our own unique dreams, goals, circumstances, personality and preferences.


The rules of staying accountable to goals have changed


 But just as poor habits in goal achievement can have such negative ramifications, equally striking is the positive influence that good habits in goal achievement can be.  And exactly what those good habits are, started to get really clear when I decided to delve deep behind the curtain and into the high performance technologies used by very high achievers and the most in-demand coaches.

With that knowledge, I set out to fix what’s broken in the science of staying accountable to goals. I wanted to make accountability a force for positive change for anyone who wants to raise the bar and get more of what they want and deserve out of life.  Not just the elite few. And together with my team we’ve uncovered a step-by-step formula that turns the negatives into positives, time after time.

The result is a new model of goal achievement which fixes what’s broken with traditional goal setting, and helps you engineer a better result we’ve called The Personal Accountability Code.

You might have seen the result of our first project in this series – a best seller called Accountability Leadership. In this book, we mapped out a process for business leaders on building high performance organizations through a culture of accountability and responsibility.

With the success of the leadership model, we decided to go one step further and expand those principles beyond the boundaries of organisation and into the professional and personal lives of individual goal achievers and the people who coach them.

And that’s where our latest book comes in -the Personal Edition of The Accountability Code

Are you going to kick off your dreams and goals using all your old traditional methods, HOPING that somehow you’ll get a better result this time round?


Hope’s a great starting point, but why not change it up this time using the NEW science of goal achievement, so you can better engineer your success. Let’s face it; you deserve to get a better return on what you get back from your efforts.

You CAN have a great year and get more of what you want and deserve out of life


So what would change if you use the NEW science of accountable goal achievement?

Well, we've re-engineered the process of goal achievement from beginning to end with personal accountability high on the agenda, so you can get the best possible outcomes from your efforts.

That means you’ll feel different for a start:

·         * You’ll feel more focused on your goals; rather than at the mercy of the distractions life sends your way;

·         * You’ll feel more comfortable with the process; knowing you’ve got all your bases for goal achievement covered;

·         * You’ll feel more in control of your results; because the “Code” puts you in the driver’s seat and helps you build your accountability and responsibility  muscles;  

·         * You’ll feel more resilient; because you will be better prepared to bounce back from setback when things don’t go to plan; and

·         * You’ll feel less frustrated when life throws a curve ball your way


And that alone will give you the ability to be personally accountable for how your life unfolds.


What exactly is The Personal Accountability Code?


 The Personal Accountability Code is a 6-step goal achievement process which gives a code or blueprint which is as unique to you as your fingerprint - customized to account for you and your individual circumstances.

The mistake that a lot of goal achieving and accountability resources make is that they go for a cookie cutter approach.

Our research tells us that in the new science of accountability, goal achievement is not one size fits all.

So Instead of being something that just gives you some nice ideas, the “Code” has been created as a step by step guide book which asks you to think about bunch of questions.

These questions have been carefully selected to get your heart and mind in sync to elicit YOUR PLAN for goal achieving success.

The bottom line is: If it comes out of your head, you make it your own, because it’s easier to understand, easier to remember which means you’re more motivated to take action.

So that’s why we chose the fingerprint as our mascot for the personal accountability code.


... Because your personal accountability code is as unique as you are.


This book is a fantastic manual where you can work through all the exercises to gain some real insight. Whilst a great resource to “self-coach”, it’s also a great resource for leaders. As an HR Director I spend much of my time coaching managers on how to give feedback to their team members. Ms Worrall’s book helped me remember that I, as well as the managers I coach, have to be more comfortable having “accountability” conversations - and each of us have to be accountable for ourselves as well.

Easy to read and well set out, Ms Worrall provides an excellent step-by-step guide to help you set goals and reach them."

 C. Golding


The good news  is that this stuff isn’t all that complicated and  you could well be just a few insights away from an approach that makes all the difference to the success of your next goal. 

In the 6 modules of The Personal Accountability Code, you will unlock a winning strategy for transforming your goals into reality while building a powerful system for tracking your progress and staying motivated and accountable to your goals in the face of setback.


.. In The Personal Accountability Code™ you will learn:


  • Why traditional goal-setting sets you up to fail
  • How you can use the new science of accountability to customise a 6-step pathway to success
  • The secrets to creating a crystal clear vision of the future, minimising  distractions and getting your priorities into laser sharp focus
  • How to unleash your natural energy, talent and motivation to create self-discipline and willpower on steroids
  • Where to plan for setback in advance in order to soften the blow
  • How you can make SMART goals even SMART+ER with a personal Accountability Action Plan
  • The truth about your readiness for change with the Responsibility and Accountability Assessment


Based on a comprehensive survey I conducted with goal-achievers and coaches from around the world, I included a BONUS chapter called The Accountability Coach.


The "Accountability Coach" uncovers the answers to your most common problems about goal achievement and personal accountability such as:


  • How to get back on track after setback
  • How to deal with unmet expectations, broken promises and failed commitments
  • How to hold yourself and others accountable
  • How to stay motivated when life gets in the way
  • How to get inspired when goals are imposed upon you
  • How to overcome procrastination and finish what you start


"The Accountability Coach – Solving 6 Common Dilemmas about Goal Achievement and Personal Accountability ... was the most powerful and useful chapter for me, especially the section on “How to Hold Others Accountable” and “How to Deal with Unmet Expectations, Broken Promises and Failed Commitments”.


The Checklist for Leaders for Holding Team Members Accountable (pages139-141) is on my bulletin board and I will use it daily.  Also, the material regarding the use of “personal power versus position power” was superb. 

  J. Bauer

  Three Editions to Choose From!


1. Kindle e-Book – the fast start

2. Paperback - the convenience of a workbook

3. Paperback Premium - the workbook PLUS a bonus on-line tool for customising your own Personal Accountability Code™ Report (Coming Soon]


If you’re serious about fulfilling the life and career you’ve dreamed of, let The Personal Accountability Code™ show you how to connect to your natural energy reserves, drive, and enthusiasm

It’s all too easy to find plenty of excuses to abandon our intentions for change and revert to our comfortable old ways when things get tough.
Countless people experience the same problems and fall into the same traps when things get tough. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Be one of those people who know who you are, where you are going, how to get there and how to stay on track in the face of setback with The Personal Accountability Code 

You deserve to get more out of life and now is as good a time as any to take it to the next level.


So what's your game plan for achieving your goals?


If you want to raise the bar on what you can get out of life, I encourage you to step up and take a positive step right now to claim your right to your potential by mapping out your own personal accountability code.

Kindle RRP $USD7.99 Paperback RRP $USD17.99


Go get your copy now; you'll be glad you did.

What’s your Code? 





For Successful Goal Achievement

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To Your Success


Your Coach

Di Worrall

“The Accountability Code™ by Di Worrall is specifically designed to guide the reader end-to-end through the goal-achievement process while keeping them focused on the goals they have set. It can be used by individuals, groups, or teams to help them become clear about their core values and shows them all the steps they will ever need to align with their goals. This is a must read for entrepreneurs and procrastinators!

Ms. Worrall’s book is not just another “How To” book. It is a blueprint for success with 6 specific steps anyone can use to explore their personal vision and record the future they want for themselves, in work and in life. It will inspire and support readers who have never written goals to take action NOW.

While in corporate life, a CEO once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going…any road will take you there.” Few people take the time to write down their goals and plan them out. Ideas are just ideas until they are written down and become goals. The Accountability Code™ will help you achieve your goals and dreams!”






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